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Editing Samples

One of the many reasons our clients are attracted to our style of photography is due to our outstanding attention to detail. We are dedicated to creating beautiful pieces of art out of each image and feel it is important for our clients to be an active part of this process. We have put together some samples and explanations of our editing styles so that you can better understand how to chose the desired look and feel of your images.

Standard Edit

The Standard Edit includes a digital retouching of your image, along with necessary color correction with the intention on improving the overall quality of the image.  Alterations range from the removal of blemishes that might appear on skin tone to deleting unsightly distractions in the image. With the standard edit process we enhance the true beauty, yet do not generally change the look and feel of the photograph.

Advanced Edit

Advanced Edits are available for any image that might need to go beyond the Standard Edit.  Alterations range from the removal of blemishes, to splicing two images together and rearranging portions of an image, to adding additional features into an image.  It is our intention to customize your image to provide the exact look and feel you are after.

Artistic Edit

If you are looking for an art piece that is unique to another, we encourage you to look into our Artistic Edits.  With an Artistic Edit, we offer the editing process of the Standard Edit and the removal aspects of our Advanced Edits; however, the look and feel of the image is changed to take on a more stylized effect. The types of Artistic Edits are endless and can range in variety. If you are interested in creating an artistic piece, please be sure to discuss these options.   For samples of our Artistic Edits, visit the “Artistic” section in our image gallery.

Our variety of edits offers many different options for your images, so please feel free to inquire about all the endless possibilities.

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